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PDSA Pet life Festival 2018

PDSA award held by Chief Constable Charles Hall

On Sunday May 6th over 10,000 people attended the event held at Cheltenham racecourse in Gloucester. For Team Finn a very special day as Finn was given the highest award, a gold medal for the bravery shown when he and Dave were confronted by a knife wielding youth. As we all know the incident left Finn with life threatening injuries as a result of saving Dave’s Life. His bravery was rewarded and we felt a few images would go down well. The opening speeches were welcomed by the crowds but one in particular had many in tearful moments as Sarah Dixon, one of the directors of Finns Law Ltd made a very emotional, personal, heartfelt introduction. With her kind permission we have added that text in this page. Team Finn would like to express their gratitude to Chief Constable Charles Hall who attended the event and was on stage with Dave and Finn. During the ceremony, the Chief Constable gave a speech that captivated the audience. A supportive speech coming from such a senior Police officer was a very fitting tribute.

Team Finn were very humbled by what they heard. It’s significant that the Chief Constable supported the introduction of Finns Law and everyone was extremely delighted by his outstanding presentation.