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Finn’s Story – Page 2

On the 10th the petition was started.

The first pic is from 1am on 11th. The second is from 10am. The third is from 10pm on 11th. It was taking off quickly with so much support and so quickly that it took everyone by surprise – including the Government, who didn’t have time to reply as they normally would at 10k signatures.

Meanwhile, Finn was taking everyday one day at a time. He was sleeping lots and clearly fighting off any infections etc.

The get well cards and the gifts came flooding in from around the world.

We met a few celebs, he had a health scare (second pic is a lump that appeared one day, luckily it was all fine), but ultimately he was recovering well – more than can be said for my mental health at the time. Then of course there is his vet, Rib Adams. Our hero. He is in the last pic.

We had so many people to thank. Then of course, after just 11 days, the petition reached 100k signatures. We were going to parliament.

The scar two weeks apart.

My hero was doing well. We had come through lots together. The pic in the water is when he was recovering from knee surgery 4 years ago.

He was allowed to start leaving the house by the end of October. The press had been desperate to have access to him. And the charity stuff started. This was a charity dog walk for Luna Animal Rescue, a local rescue to us. We helped raise £1,500.