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FINNS LAW is becoming reality in Scotland

The race is on to see Finns Law added to legislation it seems.

In her opening address to Holyrood House today, 4th September 2018, the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, announced in her Programme of Government that, not only will the Scottish Government continue to improve animal welfare, they will introduce Finns Law into legislation this Parliamentary year.

We are absolutely delighted to see that Liam Kerr MSP’s #FinnsLawScotland campaign has been received so positively.

Animal Welfare legislation in Scotland contains the same defence of fear. This defence MUST not apply to animals that we train to create fear where necessary.  For far too long have injuries to our service animals been accepted as “part of the job”. Finn’s Law will ensure that anyone who deliberately injures a service animal will be held accountable.

Combined with the proposed increases to sentencing for animal welfare it is right and proper that service animals are no longer seen as the poor relation.

Following the announcement, Liam Kerr MSP has already tabled some written questions to ensure that proposals for Finns Law hit the ground running in Scotland, and what a start it has had.

We will watch as the process progresses until that day, in the not to distant future, when #FinnsLaw will be in print for all to see.