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"We believe our service animals fulfill such an important role in supporting society that they deserve to be protected from harm. It is our aim to change the law to give them that protection."

Its on its way Finns Law

After the devastating news of a further severe stabbing of a brave Police Dog, Friday 6th July saw Finn’s Law pass through the 2nd reading at Westminster unanimously. Sir Oliver Heald’s Bill now moves on to the Committee stage.

The campaign to secure protection for our amazing animals has grown in strength and depth since the previous attempts at 2nd Reading. It is not uncommon for many Private Members Bills to fail at 2nd Reading stage. For Finn’s Law to go through 2nd Reading means that we are within touching distance of the statute books.

Nicola Skelley , Co-Director of Finn’s Law Ltd , said “We are extremely happy that #FinnsLaw has passed through the second reading, this has been a difficult hurdle and has caused many sleepless nights. We would like to say a huge thank you to Sir Oliver for believing in a dog called Finn and of course the many followers of Dave and Finn’s Law – #TeamFinn . Onwards to the next stage….. “

PC Dave Wardell added” What happened today at Parliament makes me very prpud. Proud of Finn and all our service animals. What happened to Finn and PD Axle a few days ago, is not acceptable. Today we have made a significant step towards ensuring that those responsible for injuring these amazing animals will be held accountable.
It will also mean that the suffering Finn and Axle have endured will not be for nothing.”.

Hello and thank you for your support!

So what is Finn’s Law all about?

“On October 5th 2016 my police dog, Finn and I were chasing a robbery suspect when he turned and attacked us. Finn sustained serious stab wounds to the chest and head whilst protecting me. I sustained a stab wound to the hand.

Finn stopped the knife from reaching me and saved my life. Even after being stabbed through the lung Finn did not let go of the suspect until other Police Units arrived and arrested him. Finn was not expected to make it through the night. The suspect was charged with ABH for the injuries to me and only criminal damage for the horrific injuries to Finn.

This is currently one of the available charges for someone who seriously injures or kills a police or service animal in the line of duty, as they are considered as being property. I hope you agree that is not acceptable, Finn isn’t a plant pot or window and should not be treated as such. Eventually after more than 6 months of legal arguments our attacker was found guilty”PC Dave Wardell

We, at Finn’s Law, are looking to change the law with our campaign. We are asking for a law that covers all service animals, a law that not only fits the crime but also conveys the amazing work these animals do daily. Helping, saving and protecting us.

What can I do?

Please follow us on social media FB – theFOALGroup, Twitter – @theFOALGroup

We also need political support. Broadly speaking MP’s are supportive, but we would like you to contact your MP to tell them what you think. You can do that via a letter, e-mail or speak to your MP face to face by visiting one of their surgeries.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Thank you 

Email us on

“TeamFinn would like to express their gratitude to the incredible support from Mick Bland for all he has done and all he continues to do in helping bring awareness of the cause to all”

 #TeamFinn is the collective name assumed for all supporters. It helps  identify postings on twitter and facebook.


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